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OutReach Version History


Important Information for Current OutReach Users

Version 1.6 requires an update to the OutReach database. If you use the default database located in the default installation directory, then this update is performed automatically by the installation package. However, if you have renamed the database, or your database is located in another directory, then you will need to perform the database update manually using the following steps:

  • Install the update package for v1.6 above.
  • Locate the updatedb.exe file in the directory where you installed OutReach.
  • Double-click the updatedb.exe file.
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to and select your OutReach database.
  • Click the OK button to update the database.

Version 1.6

Alert Rules: Added ability to create automatic alerts based on specific database fields and conditions. Creating the rule creates an alert for all records that match the selected criteria.

Redesigned the export dialog: You can now map a database field to a specific column in the export file, plus you can export data from child tables such as Food Service or Payment History.

Added ability to enter more than one character in the Middle Initial field on the Client, Family, and Volunteer tables.

Redesigned the Filter dialog so that it matches the Alert Rule dialog.

An entry of all zeroes in the Social Security Number field will no longer trigger a duplicate record warning.

Added the ability to resize the pop-up dialogs for duplicates on Client and Volunteer records (such as Duplicate SSN and Address).

BUG: Fixed issue where the Expense dialog is displayed instead of the Payment History dialog when a filter on Payment Type is applied to the Client table.

BUG: Fixed issue where pressing Enter in the Description field on the Create Alert dialog does not go to next line.

Changed the default install location for the database file ‘outreach.mdb’. This is to address permission issues on Windows 7 and Vista. The default install location for this file is now:

On Windows 7 and Vista: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Ten Mile Software\OutReach Community Assistance Database

On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Ten Mile Software\OutReach Community Assistance Database

Added new report, Grocery Log (with Family Breakdown). Similar to the existing Grocery Log report, but with a breakdown by age of each client’s family members.

Added new option to Demographics report and Geographic Summary report to include family members in the totals.


Version 1.5.2

Corrected problem with zip codes that have leading zeroes. These were being stored in the database without the leading zero.

Version 1.5.1

Corrected problem with Comment textbox not expanding to display all comments on Client Detail report.

 Version 1.5

Added new field on Client table: Reason for Need

Added new fields on Volunteer table:

  • Volunteer Type
  • Birth Date
  • Employer
  • Active

Added ability to attach an alert to any client or volunteer record, along with an Alert Manager dialog.

Added run time report options to hide Social Security Number and Driver’s License Number on reports.

Added new Quick Entry windows for Food Service and Payment History.

Added address information to Select Client/Volunteer dialog when searching.

Updated print labels dialog to print labels for volunteers.

Corrected errors that occur repeatedly when printing labels if no Client window is opened first.

Corrected problem with no scroll bars on multi-line text boxes in Client Details window, Notes tab, FEMA tab, Medical tab, and Former Address tab.

Corrected problem where Up/down arrows in table views do not work properly.

 Version 1.4

Defaulted “Search On” box to “Last Name”.

Check family members for duplicate Social Security Number on Client Details and Family Members windows.

Check family members for duplicate Driver’s License Number on Client Details and Family Members dialogs.

Added Landlord and Vehicle fields and tabs to Client Details view.

Displayed record ID on status bar when a new client is added in Client Details view.

Added date range drop-down list on all report criteria selection dialogs predefined with commonly used date ranges.

Added new Volunteer Table view.

Added a new Volunteer Service History dialog.

Added tabs to Volunteer Details view for notes and Volunteer Service history.

Added ability to save a document to the database for all entry windows.

Modified Options dialog to support the new tabs in Client Details and Volunteer Details views.

Added new reports:

  • Client Activity Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Volunteer Service Report

Corrected problem where Client Details view is blanked out after the following sequence: open Client Details view, maximize it, then open another view, then close the second view.

Corrected problem where Client Details view is not displayed correctly after the following sequence: open Family Member window, enter duplicate SSN, go to that client, Client Details window is not displayed correctly.

Corrected problem where View bar displays out-of-focus characters and duplicate buttons.

Corrected error when Zip Code is deleted from any Zip Code combo box in Client Details, Family Member, or Volunteer Details dialogs.

Corrected error “Invalid procedure call or argument” in Client Details for when Add button is clicked.

 Version 1.3.3

Corrected error in Payment History dialog, "type mismatch (Amount Requested was null)"

Removed the check for zero amounts on the Food Service, Payment History, and Income/Expense dialogs.

 Version 1.3

Added the ability to generate the Demographics and Geographic Summary reports for all clients. Previously these reports would include only clients that had received either food or payment assistance within the report dates specified. Now the reports can be generated for all clients regardless of whether any service has been received within the report dates.

Added a “Add New Record” menu item and toolbar button.

Added the “Client ID” field to the search bar dropdown list of searchable fields.

Added the ability to sort the Client Table view by double-clicking on a column.

Changed application to open the default database on initial execution.

Fixed problem where an error message was generated if the “Add New Client” button on the Client Summary view was clicked while the Client Detail view was already open.

Fixed problems with clicking on rows and columns in Client Table view.

 Version 1.2

Debut release to the public.

 Version 1.0

The first version of OutReach is released for use by the Lancaster Outreach Center.

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