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We welcome your comments and suggestions! Feedback is important to us, and we invite your suggestions on how we can improve our products and make them easier for you to use.

For general information about our products or our company, comments, and suggestions for future enhancements, contact us by e-mail at We also invite you to "Like" our Facebook page to post a comment for us there.

For information about our web site or privacy policy, contact us at .

For technical information or to report a software bug, contact us at .

Our for-purchase software is provided with a free trial period during which you may evaluate all the functionality of the software and compatibility with your operating environment. If it works for you, great! If it does not work in your environment, please do not make the purchase, and simply uninstall the trial version. Please read a copy of our current license agreement here. If our software is a close fit but doesn't meet certain needs in your organization, please contact us about custom programming or enhancements.

We have worked hard to make all of our products as user-friendly as possible, and in most cases, our clients have found that they need very little support from us. If, however, you find that you do require technical support, we will provide basic Level 1 support for our for-purchase software products through e-mail only at no charge. We try to be timely in our response, but can make no guarantees about response time. Our support covers our software only, not your operating environment (OS, network, etc.).

If you encounter a problem using our for-purchase software that can not be resolved through our Level 1 support, you may request our premium, fee-based support.  We will provide a not-to-exceed estimate of the cost and time required to investigate and resolve your issue.  Level 2 support will be provided by one of our application experts, and Level 3 support will be provided by the application developer.  Current rates (2010) for support are $50 per hour for Level 2 and $100 per hour for Level 3.

Please note that we do not provide technical support for our free software products. However, if you find a bug, please report it to us at .

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